EBV Part 3

Welcome back on the Epstein Barr Virus journey! :)

My last appointment to follow up on the status of the virus took place earlier this week. The virus indicators have risen since my first exam. The doctor said this means the virus is in an earlier stage than anticipated.

For now here are the tips I was given:

  • Avoid skipping meals, and eat snacks between meals
  • Have a follow up exam in 8 weeks to see how the virus is coming along
  • Do a little bit of exercise
  • Take Arcalion (Sulbutiamine) either as a 3-week treatment, or to recover when I have fatigue

Fortunately I have not had any zombie days or extreme fatigue, granted I’m taking care of my meals, rest, stress levels, etc.

I guess I’ll be posting an update in a couple of months when I see how the next set of exams come out.